Mission Statement

Hello and welcome to CompanyLinks.co.uk, the free advertising UK business directory.

We’re here to help & support UK businesses, both new and established, big or small with our free exposure platform.  We DO NOT charge anyone for advertising and are solely funded by CoverSupermarket.co.uk.  We DO NOT insist any of our advertiser use coversupermarket.co.uk but in the interest of UK businesses helping each other, we would appreciate it if you allow them the opportunity to quote for you on any insurance products you may require in both your personal and corporate lives. You are never obliged to purchase anything so you have nothing to lose, you only stand to save money if a better deal is found.

Coversupermarket.co.uk compare hundreds of insurers & brokers from across a broad range of the UK market to help you get the best deal possible, so not only can you save money on your advertising costs with CompanyLinks.co.uk, but we’ll endeavour to save you money on your insurance policies too.

What will CompanyLinks.co.uk provide me with?

In addition to the FREE advertising, you can fully customise your advert with:

Your Company Logo and an uploaded image portfolio of your work.


  • A full description of your business and the product and/or service offered.
  • A sense of your business’ performance via the voting tool (5 star system).
  • Contact details and a URL link to your site.
  • An interactive Google Map allowing other users to see where the businesses is located and get directions.


What makes us different from others?

Unlike other business directory listing websites, Company Links is completely free to use for both businesses and consumers regardless of whether you’re a sole trader, a limited company or a PLC.  We don’t sell advertising space, we give it away.

Prime location banner adverts are also available to a company that does decide to purchase any form of personal protection product through CoverSupermarket.co.uk such as Life Insurance, Key Man or Health Insurance. This offer is in addition to any other offers applicable at the time.

What does the business get?

As businesses can register for free it gives you an additional route to market with no outlay and as we all had to start somewhere, we understand the importance of getting your business exposed to as many clients as possible.  Company Links also gives you the ability to add your company website URL which can help in creating natural traffic and assisting in generating you new leads.

Why was Company Links Created?

Company Links was created so both the customer and UK Businesses mutually benefit. The aim of the site is to help as many new and established business succeed in this tough economic climate hence the reason we do not charge. With the number of new businesses registering each year on the rise we understand it’s important to get yourself known, and with your help we hope to make companylinks.co.uk the “go to” directory.

For customers, they are able to leave genuine feedback based on your work, product or services which in term helps other customer choose who they wish to use.

We are trying (ambitiously) to build a community of UK companies supporting other CompanyLinks.co.uk members, which will not only benefit each other but build on our own economy and as the saying goes “if you want something done right, do it yourself”.

CompanyLinks does not charge either party for its services, nor will it. We believes in promoting UK businesses for the benefit of the UK.

Please share our message where ever possible whether it’s on FaceBook, Twitter, blogs or your own website and in the spirit of helping each other please do try to use other CompanyLinks members.

We wish you all every success and good fortune.

CompanyLinks Team.