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Firstly let’s tackle the name
Ka-ru-bu. It sounds a bit like the Caribou Reindeer but rest assure, we are quite different. Now, what does it mean? Well, it doesn’t really mean anything.

Karubu was created mid-2015 after a rebranding from Fresh Thinking Media. So if you are looking for Fresh Thinking Media, that’s us!

Why did we rebrand?
The same reason you choose a new car, sometimes it’s out with the old and in with the new.

Why Karubu? We simply wanted a name that was unusual – check, creative in itself – check, easier to remember – umm, we will see.

Ultimately what is Karubu?
Simply, Karubu is a creative agency.

We believe that finished product is just part of the whole experience. Yes, you want a great website, but it should be fun and painless from start to finish.

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Telephone Number: 01702811772

Gary Bultitude
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